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Arizona Pharmacy Bottles
Arizona pharmacy bottles comprise one of the more interesting areas to collect due to the amounts of bottles from smaller so-called local towns. Communities of any size had a local drugstore while soda bottlers and liquor distributors were more confined to the larger towns and cities of Arizona. This was very much the case earlier during the territorial years of Arizona.
Our present collection is the most complete grouping of Arizona pharmacy bottles ever assembled and is comprised of over 90% of the bottles known to exist, including examples of the different sizes to be found of these bottles. Yet we are still looking for bottles to add, especially territorial bottles, rarer town bottles such as Jerome, Safford, Tempe, Mesa, Nogales, Flagstaff & Yuma. Also on our search list are specialty bottles such as the toilet lotion bottle from Douglas, Prowell's No. 7 Liniment medicine bottle and the nurser from Fleishman's in Tucson. In all truth, small town or larger city we are always looking for these Arizona pharmacy bottles so please feel free to contact us and let's talk.
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Glendale Pharmacy - Glendale, Arizona
One of Arizona's rarer pharmacy bottles. One was freshly dug in Glendale on January 13th, 2010 and the other in the Spring of 2009 in Hawaii. It has returned home to Arizona after over 100 years.
Flagstaff Drug Store - In business from 1901 to 1905. Rare Flagstaff pharmacy bottle in an even rarer large size.
 Laird & Dines - A Very nice Arizona drugstore bottle from Tempe that we got from a friend at the 2018 Morro Bay bottle show.
Broadway & Moeur - A short lived drugstore operated from 1899-1902 in Tempe. Dr. Benjamin Moeur would in 1933 become governor of Arizona.
Boyd Drug Co. - Two examples are known of this very rare bottle. Located high above the Verde Valley in the town of Jerome, the drugstore lasted from 1899-1909.
Pioneer Drug Store - Two variations can be found of this bottle with this picture example being the rarest. Small sized bottles of this variant have no picture and only one example is presently known.
Garden City Drug Store - This drugstore operated under many owners and names through the years, starting in 1883. Clarence Eschman ran it from 1887 to 1898. 
Mountain City Drug Store- Opened in 1886, the drugstore operated under that name until destroyed by a fire in 1899. Harry Brisley would open a new business as the Brisley Drug Co. 
Bear Drug Store - From Phoenix this bottle is always a favorite amongst the Arizona drugstore collectors. One of the few animal picture bottles from the state. 
Arizona Medical Association - Reverse advertises Glyco-Thymolne which is mouth wash. Another very rare Phoenix bottle.
Cooper's Pharmacy - The only drugstore bottle from the town of Safford. The most difficult Arizona town to get a representative bottle from, as there are only two examples known and both have damage.
St. Johns Drug Company - 1900 letterhead from the mormon settlement of St. Johns.
Arizona Pharmacy Tokens
Harmer's Drug Store - Open in Tempe from 1904 to 1914. A very rare token.
Yavapai Drug Store - Located in Jerome from 1916 to 1923.
Everybody's Pharmacy - Short lived Tombstone pharmacy lasting from 1916 to 1918.
Chloride Drug Co. - Mining town drugstore open in Chloride from 1916 to 1919.
Brisley Drug Co. - Prescott drugstore open from 1900 to 1925.
F. M. Worner - Arizona's snake oil salesman? Though his products state his city of origin as Phoenix, there is some doubt that Worner ever was in Arizona. His ads are quite prolific as he traveled throughout the northeast & mid-west but there is no mention of him or his son G. C. Worner anywhere in the western United States.
Elvey & Hulett Pharmacy - A prominent Phoenix drugstore from 1900 to 1921.
Bear Drug Store - Originally owned by Ben L. Bear, this Phoenix drugstore continued under this name through many later owners. Their items are quite desirable to Phoenix collectors for their drawings of a bear stirring a mortar & pestle.
Mountain City Drug Store - Like the Bear Drug Store, Mountain City pieces are quite collectible. This is an early pill box from the 1890's. A great item from Prescott.
Brisley Drug Co. - Though almanacs advertising drugstores were quite common from the late 1800's until the 1920's. Ones from Arizona are fairly scarce to find. This one is from Prescott.
Wayland's Central Pharmacy - A Phoenix drugstore with a hair brush from the 1920's. Love the motorcycle delivery reference.
Bear Drug Store - Another Phoenix Bear Drug piece, this pin was given away to commemorate the dedication of the Roosevelt Dam on March 18th, 1911.
Western Wholesale Drug Co. - From Phoenix, this pill knife is another commemorative piece. This time for the 25th anniversary of this company in 1926.
Bear Drug Store - One last Bear Drug piece, this cold cream jar is from the 1920's. This paper labeled jar is a fantastic Phoenix survivor. We found it in a Prescott antique shop back in 1995.
Corbin & Bork - Another Prescott almanac from a drugstore which operated from 1920 to 1912.
Owl Drug & Candy Co. - This Prescott pharmacy operated from 1912 into the 1940's. This magic slide would have used to advertise in the local movie theatres in the 1920's.
Owl Drug & Candy Co. - With the addition of Ed Shumate, a local confectioner, as partner, Corbin & Bork became the Owl Drug & Candy Company. A long-lived Prescott drugstore.
McClure's Second Avenue Pharmacy - Operated in Phoenix by Thomas McClure, this pharmacy was open from 1923 to 1930. A nice wicker fan.
Clarkdale Pharmacy - This was the Clarkdale branch of the Jerome Drug Company which was opened in 1913. John Roddan was the manager from 1917 to 1924.