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New Finds
This is always a fun section. This is where we feature pieces we have found on our recent trips or purchased from our collector friends. Keep checking back to see what new treasures we have located.
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Eugene F. Sanguinetti - Rare calendar pennant from a long running general merchandise business. Sanguinetti started in business with his partner John Gandolfo in 1887 and then ran it solely from 1899 until his death in 1945.
Mayer Hotel - Key fob from a hotel opened in 1897 and operated by Joe Mayer until his death in 1910. Located in the town of Mayer, southeast of Prescott, the hotel building still stands and was used as a hotel for many years after Joe's death.
Palace Transfer - Transfer tag used in Lowell just outside of Bisbee. Most likely a single wagon operation which were prevalent around Bisbee/Lowell in the very early 1900's.
Tombstone Billiard Parlors - Key fob for private room at the billiard parlor & saloon, located in Tombstone and operated by Mayor A. Wentworth from 1907 to 1912. W. P. Thompson bought the parlor in May 1912 and closed it in November 1914.
Copper Queen Mine - Two souvenir spoons from Bisbee showing the Gardiner Shaft & Spray Shaft of the Copper Queen Mine.
New Cornelia Copper Co. - Mining tag from the town of Ajo. This company was reorganized in 1909 and bought out by the Phelps Dodge Corporation in 1931.
L. B. Angius & Co. - Luke Angius operated a grocery business in the mining town of Miami in the late 1910's & early 1920's. This is the only Arizona baby's plate we have ever seen.
Arizona & Michigan Development Co. - Rare mining tag from the ghost town of Johnson, Arizona.  In business in the early 1900's.
E. A. Tovrea & Co., Inc. -  Early tin from the 1910's. Ed Tovrea came to Bisbee from Jerome in 1901 and purchased L. J. Overlock's butcher shop. In 1906 his business was incorporated and by the early 1920's became the Arizona Packing Company.
Castle Rock - Early souvenir pocket mirror showing Castle Rock at Bisbee, Ariona
Phoenix Elks Lodge 335 - 1911 Atlantic City Convention badge showing the Roosevelt Dam to commemorate its completion.
Arizona Teachers Association - 1910 badge from Douglas Arizona.
United States Smelting, Refining & Mining Co. - Mining tag from the Goldroad Mine in Mojave County. This company operated the mine in the late 1910's and early 1920's.
Henderson & Johnson - Wall match safe from a grocery business listed in the mining town of Patagonia from 1909 to 1911.
C. M. Henkel - Henkel operated his jewelry business in Bisbee under several different names from 1899 to 1919. These include the Hole in the Wall Jewelry Store & The One Price Store. This is a rare pocket mirror.
Idle Hour Theatre - 1921 movie broadside from the mining ghost town of Pearce. The Idle Hour Theatre was located in a converted saloon which closed due to prohibition. It operated from 1915 to the late 1920's. 
Commercial Hotel - Territorial marked key fob from the Commercial Hotel in Phoenix. Opened around 1890, this hotel remained in business until the 1920's.
Yuma Drug Company - 1909 di-cut calendar from the first year of the partnership of T. L. McCutchen & D. L. Bailey. They would continue together in business until at least 1918.
Miami Copper Company - Porcelain sign used by a mining company out of Miami, Arizona.
Tin trays - Souvenir of Morenci, Ariz. - Railroad Loop & First Presbyterian Church of Solomonville. Reverand Wolcott H. Evans was with the church from 1904 to 1905.
Jake Marks - This wholesale liquor business operated in Prescott from its opening in 1890 until Jake Marks' death in 1907. After his death it was known as Jake Marks Company.
Pioneer  Furniture Co. - In business from 1916 to 1930. This is a 1920 calendar.
Cibutto Jewerlry Co. - Opened in 1905, this was a long-lived business which closed in 1993 with the death of it's owner.
Hettinger Bros. - William, Otto & Pierce Hattinger were involved in early motorcycle racing in Reading, Pennsylvania as early as 1911. By 1916 they had opened their first store at 240 Court Street where it lasted until 1919 when it was moved to 241 & then 219 Penn Street. They remained in business until at least 1928.
Bisbee Board of Trade - Ribbon from the 1908 annual banquet held to promote new business to Bisbee. The motto of the banquet was "Boost Bisbee".
Pioneer Hardware House - 1910 calendar given away by Theo Gebler who ran his hardware business from 1884 to 1914 in the border town of Nogales.
R. S. Stewart & Co. - A match safe from a general merchandise business in the small southeastern Arizona town of Duncan which operated in the early 1900's. 
Greaves & Dye - Advertising shoe brush from Winslow business. This partnership was in business from 1905 to 1923 when T. E. Dye passed away.
Mine Rescue Association - 1910's Celluloid pinback from Globe-Miami mining district.
Tempe Milling Co. - Watch fob advertising Hayden Mills Arizona Rose Flour.
Miami Drug Co. - Advertising alarm clock from the 1920's.
The Arizona Canal Co. - Tool tag from the 1880's. This company incorporated in 1882 and was instrumental in distributing water through the Valley of the Sun and making the growth of Phoenix possible.
Cinco De Mayo - Two souvenir tags, from mining ghost towns of Ray & Metcalf, Arizona. These were given away during town events for the Mexican holiday celebrating the 1862 victory at the Battle of Puebla. 
Copper Queen Hotel - Hotel key fob from the 1920's. Famous Arizona hotel that was owned by the Copper Queen Mining Company and still operates today.
Washington Trading Co. - 1917 calendar issued by a business in the Southern Arizona mining town of Patagonia. This company started in Washington Camp in 1901 and later opened branches in Nogales & Patagonia. the Patagonia store was open from 1905 to 1937.
Soto Bros. - Nice little plate showing a group of Willcox, Arizona cowboys. P. B. & Mariano Soto took over the mercantile business of Capt. John C. Fall in 1895 and operated stores in Willcox & Pearce until 1906. 
City of Douglas Water Department -  In October of 1909, the City of Douglas purchased the town's water infrastructure. This is an early inspectors badge.
Coe-Marsh Company - A grocery wholesaler which started business in 1930 and changed their name in 1938. 
Free Coinage Saloon - Operated from the late 1890's to the mid 1900's, W. A. King managed this saloon for a short time in 1900-1901.
Ford Hotel - Early territorial hotel fob from a hotel opened in 1895 and converted into businesses in 1953.
Copper Queen Store - Very rare 1891 calendar from the company store of the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company. Pre-1900 Arizona calendars are extremely difficult to find.
Bisbee Beer Company - Very rare figural bottle opener from a beer distribution company & agent for Schlitz Beer. Started in 1911 by F. Johnson and operating until prohibition in 1915.
Three new Colorado dose glasses for Karen's collection
        Pueblo                                   Gunnison                             Canon City         
J. W. Dorris - 1906 calendar from a Phoenix grocery company. Closing his confectionary store in 1891, J. W. Dorris purchased a half interest in R. W. Draper's grocery business. He continued with the store until its closing in 1918.
Prescott Bottling Works - Established in 1882, John Aitken was the owner of this bottling works from 1908 to 1916. This is a collapsible cup with an advertising cover. 
Arizona Brewing Company - Rare mid-1930's label for Apache Ale. The Apache line of beers was the first for this brewery.
Aztec Brewing Company - Located in San Diego, California, this is a business card for a 1930's sales representative working out of Phoenix & Tucson. 
California fish & Poultry Market - An early quart oyster jar from a Phoenix business run by the Welnick brothers in the 1910's.
Breen-Lewis Drug Company - This drugstore was in operation from 1920 to 1926. This paper label is applied to an embossed Kahl Drug Company bottle which was the previous owner of this business.
Tucson Hardware Company - Souvenir china plate showing 1902 street view of New Congress Street and the hardware business where the plate was purchased.
Melczer Brothers Co. - Celluloid covered notepad from a pre-prohibition beer & liquor distributer in Phoenix that advertised Rainier Beer starting in 1903.
Early Tucson Milks - Three rare Tucson milks used by various dairies in the 1910's.
Mining town milks - These milk bottles were used by dairies located at the Eastern Arizona mining towns of Clifton & Morenci.
Early Tucson Milks - These are all so called "mavericks" with no location noted, and are all possibly unique.
J. H. O'Rielly & Co. - Karen's newest addition to her western dose glass collection. This one came from an old friend of ours at the recent New Mexico show. Still looking for the one from Las Vegas, New Mexico.
A superb, enameled souvenir spoon from the mining town of Cripple Creek. These are a favorite of Karen's. Another find from our recent trip to New Mexico.
Wheeler & Perry - Opening in 1885, this grocery business became Wheeler & Perry Company in 1917. This syrup tin dates to the late 1880's to early 1890's. 
Albert Steinfeld & Co. - This general merchandise business began in 1902 when Steinfeld purchased L. Zeckendorf & Company. This liquor flask dates from the 1910's.