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On this page we will be showing some of the items that we deal with and collect that are not from the state of Arizona. Most out of state pieces that we find on our trips we pass on to other collectors where they might be a better fit in their collections but some we really enjoy just holding on to for a while, so they live in our collection for the moment.
As stated previously, we are both collectors and dealers of all kinds of items from all over the United State, Canada & Mexico so please let us know if you have anything advertising from these areas. Yes, we want to add to our collections, but we also love to move things along to the many friends we have made that collect similar pieces from their state, county, town, etc. Nothing is more satisfying than to know you have united a piece of history with someone that truly appreciates it and will take care of it for future generations to see. 
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Non-Arizona Items
Bachechi & Co. - We'll start close to home with a nice die-cut from our neighboring state of New Mexico. This piece is from Albuquerque and advertises a liquor distributer and Lemp's beer which operated from 1895 to 1903. Good New Mexico items are always favorites with us.
Edelweiss Whiskey - One of our all-time favorite trip finds, this piece is from Omaha, Nebraska. Found with its original stand which is as impressive as the decanter. Henry Rohlff, a liquor distributer, sold this whiskey from 1904 to 1909. 
Colorado Midland Railroad - A truly wonderful western piece that we found in a shop in Utah. Advertising the Pikes Peak Route with a mountain lion and horse mounted indian, you can't get more western than that.
John Kellenberger - Soda glass from Durango, Colorado. Selling liquor in Durango, starting in 1892, when prohibition started, Kellenberger closed his liquor business and bought the Durango Bottling Works in 1915. These delicate glasses are very hard to find undamaged.
American Brewing & Crystal Ice Co. - Very rare brewery glass from Baker City, Oregon. This brewery was open from 1902 to 1916.
Cafe Francaise - Rare Olympia style flask from Juarez, Sonora, Mexico. We found 2 of these in a tin shed in El Paso, Texas years ago. Claudio Riva Petit operated his saloon from 1902 to 1903 and perhaps as late as 1910.
Skull Poison - Found two of these smiling at me in an antique mall in Boise, Idaho on a trip to the 2012 Reno National Bottle Expo.
Dan. T. Fischer - Figural Jeweler & Optician bottle from Flemingsburg, Ky. It's eastern but theres nothing fishy about us wanting to keep it.
Bletzacker Furniture & Undertaking - Pocket mirror from Karen's home town of Lancaster, Oh.
Bennet's Magic Cure - Early and desirable cure bottle from Helena, Montana. Sold from 1876 to 1884.
1871 Patent Figural Ink - I first saw one of these on a trip through southwestern Colorado in the 1990's. I left it and regretted it for years never seeing another example. That was until I found this example in Albuquerque in 2021. When I saw the red swirls in the glass I was glad I waited.
Enameled Souvenir Spoon - Found this fantastic western themed spoon from Sheridan, Wyoming showing Crow Indians doing a war dance on the same trip as the Colorado Midland Railroad Poster. What a trip!
Southwestern Brewery & Ice Co. - Rare brewery tray from Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Southwestern Brewery & Ice Co. - Bottle opener from the same Albuquerque brewery.
Schutz Palace Hotel - Another nice New Mexico piece. This time its a key fob from Silver City. Max Schutz purchased the Palace Hotel in 1900.
Harley-Davidson - Some nice early advertising smalls. Watch fob, bottle opener & gap gauge set.
Deming Packing Co. - Nice New Mexico lard tin from Deming. This business operated from 1944 to 1985.
Salt Lake Pickle Co. - Food jar from Brighton, Utah.
U. S. Hospital Department - A couple of nice colored bottles we picked up through the years.
National "Ear of Corn" Bitters - Figural bitters we got at the Las Vegas Bottle Show years back.
Mcarty & Torreyson - When I was a teenage bottle collector from Virginia back in the 1970's, I always dreamed about getting one of these early pre-civil war open pontil flasks from then Wellsburg, Virginia and now West Virginia. I finally got one in 2022. Only took me 47 years.
Gun Wa's Chinese Remedy & Indian Wigwam Remedies - Had to put these two great Colorado bottles side by side to show off the color. Love the old western bottles.
PAT. MAR. 18, 1871 - Found this cottage ink on the way home from the 2019 Roseville, California show.
Laughlin's & Bushfield - This open pontil ink is another piece from pre-civil war Virginia and now West Virginia. This ones from Wheeling. 
Whiskey flasks and medicines from northern Mexico have always been of interest to me. If you have any to sell please let me know.
Loyd Bowman - Ran his motorcycle shop from 1911 to 1916.
Lysle Muth - Ran his motorcycle shop from 1921 to 1936.
Orchard's Opera House - Found this token pocket mirror from Lander, Wyoming on our 2022 trip to Colorado. C. E. Orchard purchased the Coalter Opera House & Saloon in June of 1906. It was destroyed in a fire in January 1908. Still haven't decided if it will be for sale as we really like cats.
A. M. Cole - This pot lid from Virginia City, Nv. was acquired in January of 2022. These are quite rare pieces and desirable to Nevada collectors.
S. B. Rothenberg & Co. - Picked up this glob-top Old Judge Kentucky Bourbon bottle on a recent trip to Silver City, New Mexico for Karen's birthday. Beautiful reddish amber with lots of whittle.
Golden Gate Bottling Works - Rare San Francisco pictorial beer bottle with a bear holding a pitcher. Picked up in an antique store on a recent visit to Mesa, Arizona.
Hettinger Bros. - William, Otto & Pierce Hettinger were involved in early motorcycle racing in Reading, Pennsylvania as early as 1911. By 1916 they had opened their first store at 240 Court Street where it lasted until 1919 when it was moved to 241 & then 219 Penn Street. They remained in business until at least 1928.