Michael & Karen Miller
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Karen & I would like to thank you for checking out our website, and hope you have enjoyed seeing the many wonderful items we have collected over the last 28 years. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question, wish to deal on an item (buy, sell or trade) or if you would just like to talk. Remember we are serious about our collecting and are willing to pay top dollar for better items so drop us a line if you have something to sell. The greatest thing about collecting is the hunt and meeting new friends.
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In this section we will be listing some items that have, through the years, made our MOST WANTED list. There are many other items that we are looking for, but I thought it might be fun to rack our brains and see what we both come up with. They are in no particular order of want. We will pay well for any of these items.
Alamo Dairy Cottonwood A. T. embossed milk bottle.

Owl Pharmacy dose glass from Phoenix.

J. M. Wilkins Tucson A.T. pumpkinseed whiskey bottle.

Bell Soda Works Yuma Ariz. (Hutchinson soda bottle)

Any pre-prohibition advertising brewery or liquor trays from Arizona.

Castles & Morrison old Corner Drug Store Waco Texas dose glass.

C. F. Riley Tombstone A. T. siphon (seltzer) bottle.

A. S. Lamb dose glass with embossed lamb.

Arizona celluloid or metal embossed or scribed match safes.

Early Arizona pocket mirrors.

Flagstaff Bottling Works Flagstaff Ariz. (clear Hutchinson soda bottle)

Embossed shot glass type dose glasses from South Carolina or Alaska to complete Karen's 50 state collection.

1915 patent Coca-Cola bottles from Yuma, Tucson or Globe, Arizona.

Prowell's No. 7 Liniment medicine bottle - Used in Phoenix.

Any pre-prohibition advertising brewery or liquor lithographs or calendars from Arizona.

Melczer whiskey jug with WINE MERCHANTS notation.

Colored drug bottle (under 4") from West Virginia, South Carolina, Delaware or New Mexico. (50 state)

Thorne's Palace pumpkinseed from Prescott, Arizona.

City Drug Store J. R. Dorroh Angels California dose glass.

Any better Apache Beer advertising pieces (thermometer, signs, ashtray, ice picks, etc.)

Julius Goldbaum Jule's Bourbon Tucson amber back bar bottle.

Any drugstore bottles with an embossed cat (not lions) on them.

Voge's Prescott A. T. handled whiskey jug.

Kansas City dose glass with embossed owl & scales.

Santa Rita Hotel Tucson blue siphon (seltzer) bottle.

Any early pre-1920 advertising lithographs or die-cuts from Arizona.

Any western picture dose glasses.

Lopez Concho Arizona Jug.

Fred Fleishman Tucson nurser bottle.

Old Crow Saloon Douglas A. T. pint size whiskey flask.

Walker & Philips Gainesville Texas dose glass with embossed lion.

Coca-Cola siphon (seltzer) bottles from Douglas or Tucson.

Small sized (under 4") Demeret Drug Co. cobalt poison from Spokane, Washington.

Lumberjack Cafe Flagstaff chalk figure.

Any older Arizona tins (lard, coffee, tabacco, etc.)

Arizona SALOON or BAR marked advertising pieces.

Benson Beer & Ice Co. Benson Arizona. (clear Hutchinson soda bottle)

Countertop cigar cutters from Arizona.

International Drug Store Nogales Arizona dose glass.

Pre-prohibition etched liquor or beer glasses from Arizona.

Countertop beer can openers from Arizona.

Palace Pharmacy Globe Arizona dose glass.
Karen & I at the 2007 Phoenix show.
2023 Phoenix show.