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Arizona Whiskey, Liquor & Brewery Bottles, Stoneware & Associated Items
This page is dedicated to containers and items associated with the advertising, sales and distribution of alcoholic beverages within Arizona. These include companies such as bottlers, distributers, agents, saloons & liquor merchants. More difficult to find than items used by soda bottlers, dairies or pharmacies; these flasks, cylinders, stoneware and miscellaneous advertising pieces are very desirable to Arizona collectors.
We are always looking for new items from Arizona's past saloons, breweries & liquor distributers such as bottles, stoneware, trays, signs, bottle openers & corkscrews, tokens, trade cards, business cards, calendars, thermometers, letterheads & billheads.
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Wellington Saloon - Operated from 1902 to 1906 this is Arizona's easiest whiskey to obtain but is still quite scarce.
Shattuck's Saloon - Lem Shattuck was very big in the Bisbee mining industry and as a side business owned a saloon in town from 1898 to 1914. This bottle is labeled for Shattuck's Squirrel Brand Whiskey.
Melczer Bothers - After buying out Goldman's liquor department in 1893, Melczer Brothers became Phoenix's largest liquor distributor and remained so until prohibition in 1915.
Fashon Saloon - Owned by John Keller & Company from 1907 to 1911, the Fashion Saloon building still remains today as a museum. This scarce pint jug is highly desirable to Arizona collectors.
The Elite Saloon - The only true saloon mini jug from Arizona. The owner, John Crowley was for a time, deputy sheriff for Bob Hatch, Tombstone's second sheriff and bar owner where Morgan Earp was murdered. Crowley owned his saloon in Willcox from 1883 to 1913. 
Robinson & Co. - In Tucson from 1912 to 1915.
Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co. - Arizona's only mining company mini jug and presently one example known. Considered by most to be Arizona's best stoneware piece. 
Commercial Hotel Bar - Located in the northern Arizona town of Flagstaff the hotel bar operated on and off from 1901 to 1915. One of 3 known leather covered flasks from Arizona. All have one example known at present.
Domancich & Co. - The Last Chance Hotel & Saloon was located in the southern Arizona ghost town of Silver Bell. Leased by Domancich & Company in 1908, it was shut down for selling liquor to minors in 1910.
Legal Tender Saloon - Token for Fitzsimmons & Jennings who owned the Legal Tender Bar in Lowell from 1906 to 1916. There are 2 known pint jug variants from this saloon.
Fashion Saloon - Token for the Fashion Saloon in Jerome which operated from 1896 to 1915.
Old Crow Saloon - Territorial marked flask from Douglas. After the walls of his saloon fell down, Joe Gribble drank most of his liquor stock, became the town drunk, and died of alcohol related illness. The Old Crow ran from 1903 to 1905.
Julius Goldbaum - Brandy style bottle with original labels from Tucson's largest early liquor distributer. A large cachet of labels, several backbar bottles and this one cylinder were found in the basement of Goldbaum's house in the 1940's. Two damaged examples were dug in Tucson in the 1970's.
Brow, Smith & Belcher - These three gentlemen operated the famous Palace Saloon in Prescott from 1901 to 1915.
Crescent Restaurant - Owned by a Mrs. Miller, the original location at Congress & Church Streets burned down on August 7th, 1884, and the business was relocated to Mesilla Street & Church Plaza. It closed soon after re-opening and Mrs. Miller moved to Dallas, Texas.
Anton Hittinger - Hittinger's wholesale liquor business operated in Tucson from 1881 to 1899. This unique example of his jug is one of only two Arizona territorial marked stoneware pieces.
Manhattan Club - Long running business in Tucson from 1934 to 1985.
Arizona small jug collection - John Keller & Co. - Jerome, Tucson Grocery Co. - 2 variants, Wheeler & Perry - Tucson, W. A. Watts Co. - Phoenix 2 variants, Fitzsimmons & Jennings - Lowell 2 variants & A. Hittenger - Tucson
Hub Bar - Celluloid match safe from Bisbee, added to our collection at the start of 2023. This saloon operated from 1908 to 1913.
Office Bar - Figural bottle opener from Flagstaff, Arizona. The Office Bar was open from 1910 to December 31st, 1914. Frank Brooks would open the Skylight City Bottling Works in September 1915.
Arizona Brewing Co. - Very rare brewery opener from Prescott. In business 1903 to 1915.
Silver Dollar Bar - Spinner opener from Eloy. In business 1949 to 1965.
Atherton Bar - In business 1908 to 1913. Figural saloon opener from Douglas.
W. E. Harrison Co. Inc. - Liquor distributor that opened in Bisbee in 1908 and closed 1n 1915 due to prohibition.